James Rod is a relative newcomer to the re-edit scene, but my god he’s industrious.

Constantly at the top of the Juno Download charts  – Mr Rod is a force to be reckoned with.

He has a unique style of blending chunky slo-mo bass sounds, elements of rock and disco with aggressive arpeggiated synths – creating moments of tense hysteria in his signature long edits…many of which we’ve had the pleasure of sharing!

His live ableton shows are where he really gets to showcase his talents as a mixer, and we have been lucky to host a few on Gouranga!

He runs his own successful label Golden Soul Records, easily one of our favourite destinations to buy interesting dance music. At the time of writing he has released over 70 EPs, having only launched in late 2015.
An active member of the Gouranga family – James has played with us in Berlin several times including a memorable night in the legendary Kit-Kat Club! He’s also been a great support in the forming of our own record label, giving advice and remixing a few tracks 🙂

We have recently had the immense pleasure of releasing Saratoga, a three-track EP of James’s compositions. Check it out here:

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What was the first record you can remember buying?

More pop standard discs like Genesis or Michael Jackson I bought them very young, but my first most electronic vinyl I think they were Plump djs and Koma and Bones that are breakbeat – very electronic and with a lot of quality

If you could have the audio stems to any track what would it be?

I do not know what to say in particular, I’m a fan of Tangerine Dream and all that synthetic acoustical aspect that makes you move to other planes with spectacular releases and small details of talent in abundance.

What was your first musical composition, edit or remix?

My first musical composition was a minimal theme released on the Sirius Pandi  label in 2007 or 2008

Gouranga is a Harre Krishna mantra meaning ‘be happy’ - where are you most at peace?

Where I get to be more at peace with myself is in the studio of course, I really enjoy solitude, and I love having time to compose and not get distracted by the everyday banalities of life.

Which musical acts do you feel have not been dealt their fair hand in the annals of time?

I could put philosophical and talk about great artists who only had their little flash of attention for a moment and let pass great shooting stars.

I really enjoy discovering this type of artists from years ago that could not take their career to other more professional parameters and with more potential of transmission with distributors.

What song do you put on when you wake up?

I do not play music when I get up, I like to go to work in silence as much as possible

How did you first discover Gouranga?

It attracted my attention through the soundcloud platform, the great audience of its profile and the management of this have always had my respects

If you could ask any musician alive or dead one question, what would it be?

My question would be about how that person feels when he has to travel to a strange place alone and how he copes with those long periods of time in other places.

What song do you want to relax?

I have a hard time sleeping listening to music, my brain does not disconnect if I have music in the background and it takes longer to sleep

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